[Marxism] Arab Countries Are Forcing Palestinian Exiles BackInto Syria

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 27 08:31:33 MDT 2015

I'm going far back to this old thread where we were discussing the poor
attitudes of various countries for Palestinian refugees from Syria and then
also Syrian refugees in general. Some countries had already taken a lot of
refugees or could arguably be said not to have sufficient resources to
accept many.

But that doesn't apply to Russia (not even mentioning responsibility in
light of their current actions which are worsening the refugee outflow). So
the BBC report I just listened to was interesting: it concerned a Syrian
family that traveled to Moscow airport in anticipation of asylum in the
West. But they didn't get that invitation yet, so they are stuck in the
transit area of the airport -- unless they want to go back to Syria which
of course they don't. Answering the obvious question, the reporter pointed
out that there have been a total of THREE Syrian refugees so far accepted
by Russia. 

- Jeff

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