[Marxism] Is the old pre-Barnes American SWP polituics re-emrging on a cadre level?

Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 27 18:35:55 MDT 2015

 This is one of the most sophisicated articles I have seen for several years. I have started to read Revolutionary Teamsters by Bryan Palmer. This work is as sophisicated which explains why Trotskyists defend workers' states from Capitalism and fight bureaucracies from the unions to the workers' states. Palmer also explains why Trotskyists defend principles derived from Marx to Lenin of not supporting Imperialism or Bourgeois politicians. At the same time we have the correct stratagies and tactics to lead the masses in their struggles.  In this book Palmer explains how the Trotskyist leaders by having united fronts with other working class millitants came together to win unioniation during 1934 within Mineaplis .In the acknowlegments it is mentioned that a string of books are being written on American Trotskyists Two examples of this is a 3-volume biography of Cannon and a book dealing with how the American Trotsyists were persecuted for opposing American Imperialsim in the runup and during the Second World War. Are we entering a turning point when the pre-Barnes American SWP Trotskyist poltics are re-emerging? If this happens and gains a mass base, this would represent the last element needed for the victory of world revolution. Is the British ruling class sensing this danger of a new potential Trotsyist cadre emergiing in America? Is that why they are reign the Tory excceses fearing it could play into our hands? Capitalism's greatest victory since the defeat of the Left Opposition  during the 1930s within the Soviet Union was the Trotskyists losing the American SWP during the early and mid-1980s. Since I have been writing my blogs since January 2007 I have been noticing the trends towards Trotskyism by some middle class intelletuals and millions of workers coming into revolutionry conflict with Capitalism and Stalinism!Like · Reply

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