[Marxism] SOUTHERN INSURGENCY: The Coming of the Global Working Class by Immanuel Ness

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SOUTHERN INSURGENCY: The Coming of the Global Working Class

by Immanuel Ness

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The site of industrial struggle is shifting. The West needs to look further
if it wants to understand how workers’ self-organisation is developing in
countries it too often ignores. Across the Global South, peasant
communities are forced off the land to live and work in harsh and
impoverished conditions. Inevitably, new methods of combating the spread of
industrial capitalism are evolving in ambitious, militant and creative
ways. Southern Insurgency will lead the way in examining these
organisations in the contemporary era.

Immanuel Ness looks at three key countries: China, India and South Africa.
In each case he considers the broader historical forces at play – the
effects of imperialism, the decline of the trade union movement, the class
struggle and the effects of the growing reserve army of labour. For each
case study, he narrows his focus to reveal the specifics of each grassroots
insurgency: the militancy of the miners in South Africa, the new labour
organisations in India and export promotion and the rise of worker
insurgency in China.

A result of intensive, dedicated first-hand research, at the heart of
Southern Insurgency is a study of the nature of the new industrial
proletariat in the Global South – a terrifying, precarious existence – but
also one of experimentation, solidarity and struggle.



'Provides the most crucial case studies of alternative worker organising in
the major centres of industrial production in China, India, and South
Africa - where workers recognise their power and act to end exploitation.'
- May Wong, Globalization Monitor, Hong Kong


Immanuel Ness is Professor of Political Science at City University of New
York. He is author of Guest Workers and U.S. Corporate Despotism and
Immigrants, Unions, and the New U.S. Labour Market and numerous other
works. He is editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and
Working USA: The Journal of Labour and Society.



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