[Marxism] A quiet comeback for the Free Syrian Army?

Mark Richey markrichey at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 28 20:58:17 MDT 2015

It's an open question whether the FSA exists independently of al Nusra, since their arms repeatedly have been turned over to that faction.
According to Franklin Lamb, Syrians view them today for the most part as agents of the Turks, or of the US, from whom they get their arms and money.

Most of their commanders are defected officers from the Assad military, who thought Assad would quickly go the way of Khadafy and wanted to be on the 'winning side.'  There is no evidence they are committed to anything beyond replacing Assad with...themselves..in a similar regime.

The difference is, mainly, they will jump through US supplied hoops much more obediently than Assad was willing to do. 

The jury is out on whether Assad will go the way of Khadafy, but these officers were certainly wrong about the 'quickly' part.

As for the New York Times Syria coverage, it's so openly spewing Pentagon propaganda rather than facts, that I'm surprised anyone on this list would ever presume to post NYT propaganda and try to convince us of its accuracy. 


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