[Marxism] Webber: "Bolivia's Passive Revolution"

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 08:53:32 MDT 2015

New, thorough and saddening (if not surprising).
But see my comment, sent to the author, below the link.
Bolivia’s Passive Revolution

Evo Morales’s government has increasingly incorporated conservative
elements into the Bolivian state.

My comment:
Sad, but necessary and very well done.
One angle particularly caught my eye: I'm always telling friends to watch
the healthcare and education sectors in the US, both because of the
militancy of some unions in those sectors, and because of the need to shift
resources to them, resources available thanks to heightened productivity,
but the fruits of which mostly go to profiteers' pockets instead of to
much-needed jobs and services.
So of course I was intrigued to read in your article about the uniquely
high unionization rates in these sectors in Bolivia; the attacks on
healthcare and education workers by conservatives; and the
disproportionately low spending on these sectors by the government.

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