[Marxism] Guardian: BLM shouted down by pro-Hillary audience at historic black college

Shalva Eliava shalva.eliava at outlook.com
Fri Oct 30 18:19:47 MDT 2015

With all the big names in Black Democratic politics (e.g. John Lewis, Jesse Jackson - whose own presidential campaigns Sanders endorsed, incidentally) being in the tank for Hillary, it seems unlikely that Sanders will make much headway with black voters in the south. 


I went to see Sanders speak at George Mason University this past Wednesday. It was a good talk and the audience was extremely diverse. During the question and answer session, there was a great moment when a young female Muslim student stood up to denounce anti-Islamic bigotry in the US whereupon Sanders invited her on stage and talked about the divide and rule tactics of the ruling class and the need for solidarity. I thought it was quite moving. I realize most people have written Sanders off as a doomed-to-fail bourgeois reformer, but I think that, within the context of the US, what he is calling for is quite revolutionary. He's raising expectations and forcing important debates onto the national stage. I'm glad he's running, regardless of the outcome. 

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