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  (Longer than usual posting because it is behind a paywall. It is about a PhD thesis written long ago that anticipated the corporatization of higher ed.)

  Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 29 2015
  Meet the Man Who Wrote the Greatest Book About American Higher Ed
  By Kevin Carey


Surely sounds like high-functioning Asperger’s to me. We adopted my wife’s granddaughter four years ago, who has many of the same characteristics: extreme obsession concerning objects - in Veysey’s case, streetcars, in hers, spiders; elaborate visual scheduling, since knowing what to expect from moment to moment avoids upset; a-social, with few friends and not fitting in, but voluble and unconcerned about her effect in a group of people; complete, guileless honesty; high intellectual capability, in his case IQ of 174 – Sam is getting straight A’s as a high school sophomore, now that she has mastered ‘what to expect’ in an untypical, larger (for her) school setting, and after being home-schooled by her father, also high-functioning Asperger’s but a total misfit; Veysey ‘screaming uncontrollably in the middle of class’ in the army, similar to what we call a ‘meltdown’ with Sam, which happens when she becomes frustrated at situations which are routine for most of us. So many other things in the article resemble the syndrome, his dim view of his species included. What an interesting guy, and I’d like to read the book too. My wife functioned in that setting for 23 years as an English and creative writing professor. I’d be interested in how he handles changes in socio-economic conditions and changes in academic fashions (‘Veysey’s attempt to place the radical ideas of his time and place in the context of American intellectual and social history’).

I lived on Maui at the same time, but I never had the good fortune to run into him. There were a number of eccentrics and celebrity characters living there. George Harrison, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, and in her own private, un-gated preserve, which we stumbled into and were gently ushered out of, Oprah.

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