[Marxism] Fwd: From Anti-Semitism to Islamophobia: The European Far Right’s Strategic Shift | Discover Society

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 31 08:37:06 MDT 2015

Only few politicians welcomed the success of Netanyahu’s right-wing 
Likud after the last elections in March 2015. Among them were leading 
members of political parties such as The French Front National and the 
Austrian Freedom Party who would have been widely regarded as 
anti-Semitic 15 years ago. But the strategy of Europe’s far right has 
changed in the 2000s. Right-wing extremist and right-wing populist 
parties have tried to ‘mainstream’ by shifting from old anti-Semitism to 
contemporary Islamophobia. Along the way, they tried to build alliances 
with Israel’s far right. This shift has also made alliances possible 
which would have been unimaginable 15 years ago and has fostered 
cooperation within the West’s far right, from Eastern Europe to the USA.


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