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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 31 08:54:16 MDT 2015

I do not know if Americans have inspired or supported this “revolution” 
as they had already inspired and funded the previous “coloured 
revolution” (Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.), seeking to channel an 
often justified popular discontent in order to integrate peoples into 
the Western economic and military orbit. In any case, the fact is that 
they have supported it from the start without any ambiguity. The new 
Ukrainian prime minister, billionaire, economist and lawyer Arseniy 
Yatsenyuk, who had received only 6.9% of the vote in the presidential 
election of 2010, was also immediately rushed to Washington where Barack 
Obama received him in the Oval Office, an honour that is usually 
reserved for heads of state. Except for an unpredictable turn, the 
events that led to the brutal eviction of the head of the Ukrainian 
state, following the demonstrations on the Maidan square, can therefore 
not be considered a good thing for all those who struggle against the 
world hegemony of the United-States.

full: http://openrevolt.info/2014/04/06/alain_de_benoist_ukraine/

In 1999 Alain de Benoist published together with Charles Champetier a 
document called “New right of the year 2000”. They mentioned liberalism 
as the main enemy. In the period of globalisation, liberalism means 
all-over-the-world system of production and reproduction of people and 
goods. Hyper-moralism of human rights is above all of this. They 
continued with proclamation about partly free human beings in today 
times. This freedom is based on genetic determination. But, as they 
said, these biological differences are significant only in context of 
cultural and social environments. Cultures differs from each other, they 
give different answers on the same question. So it means, that any 
unification of different culture, as universalism tries, means 
destruction. The idea of universal law determining moral, religious or 
political choice has no justification. (Milza 2005, Weber 2004: 151)


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