[Marxism] From a Swedish comrade

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 31 13:56:05 MDT 2015

Dear Louis,

Loved your series about Sweden. In an odd way, I don’t think I’m more 
familiar with the true history of Sweden than you are.


Henning Mankell had a very good eye for the absurdity that is modern 
life in Sweden nowadays: Brand Sweden.

Henning was invited to the “Nobel prize of music”, the Polar Music 
Prize. He observed how the front row featured the Royal family and other 
aristocratic elements, the second row the oligarchs (Wallenberg), and 
then the bourgeoisie and well-to-do middle class. All of the them 
celebrating the efforts of the working class. The epitome of Swedish 
class-peace and the core of brand Sweden. Henning Mankell noticed how 
both the royal family as well as the major capitalist of Sweden sang 
along with Patti Smiths’ “Power to the people”.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa3xOakbGTo (watch the kings reaction at 
the end when Paul Simon stands up.)

Brand Sweden is facing a major obstacle today: rampant racism. 


I think you talked about Raul Wallenberg and the main reason he’s been 
lifted to the sky in official history — besides being of the Wallenberg 
family -- is probably due to Folke Bernadotte.

When crown princess Viktoria and (“regular working-class Joe") Daniel 
named their newborn daughter Estelle, Viktoria’s private tutor and well 
known historian Herman Lindqvist strongly critizized the chosen name. 
“Sounds like a nightclub singer” 
https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/estelle/article14425349.ab It felt 
strange that a conservative royalist would put forward such strong 
remarks, but Lindqvist is well aware of how Folke Bernadotte was 
murdered and that his wife was the rich Estelle (Manville of 
Pleasantville, New York).

Basically, the Royal family made a clear political point in honouring 
the only real hero of the Bernadotte family (most Swedes, for good 
reasons, consider the dyslexic Royal family of today to be morons). 
Their frustration of not being able to talk about the murder of their 
family hero resulted in a protest. If a boy would have been born he’d 
most certainly be named Folke.

Herman Lindqvist knows what you should talk about and what not to talk 
about. He’s pissed off that the student hasn’t learned her lesson.

(The Royal family has yet to make an official trip to Israel and nothing 
of this is known by roughly 90% of the Swedish population.)


Finally, a good copy of Joe Hill by Bo Widerberg is out. 45 years later. 

The most interesting isn’t the movie I now realise, it’s the amazing 
story behind the movie. The dvd box costs 700 SEK which just seems to be 
another way to keep the movie away from the public. I bought it almost 
entirely for Joe Hill. The best part wasn’t seeing the romantic shimmer 
of Widerberg/Persson/Berggren once again, it was the commentary track. 
Holy moly, I had no idea that the making of the movie was so incredibly 
mesmerising. For example: when they shot in little Italy in NYC one day 
someone stole all camera equipment. Widerberg complained to the local 
mobster that all they wanted to do is to “make a movie about a beautiful 
Italian girl that fell in love with a Swede.” (i.e. he lied) Next day 
they had all their camera equipment returned to them courtesy of 
Johnny(?) Rizzo.


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