[Marxism] What Do the Panama Papers Reveal?

RKOB aktiv at rkob.net
Mon Apr 4 11:19:18 MDT 2016

Yes, what a "conspiracy"! It is directed against the British government, 
the Russian, the Chinese, the Gulf states, the Syrian, the Argentine 
etc. However, one thing is true: Americans seem to be absent. This does 
not make the revelations untrue but it might be the case the the US had 
some influence to be left out of the investigations. But of course, I am 
not in the position to find this out.

Am 04.04.2016 um 18:30 schrieb Louis Proyect:
> On 4/4/16 12:10 PM, RKOB via Marxism wrote:
>> http://www.thecommunists.net/worldwide/europe/panama-papers/
> The Putinite Left has already begun to characterize this as a 
> conspiracy against the Kremlin:
> http://off-guardian.org/2016/04/03/panama-papers-cause-guardian-to-collapse-into-self-parody/ 

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