[Marxism] Jacobin editor urges voting for Clinton in swing states

Michael Yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Mon Apr 4 13:41:11 MDT 2016

Louis Proyect says, "I probably should have mentioned that I learned about this on John Halle's timeline, who endorsed it. Halle was at one time very strong on the "lesser evil" question. I imagine that there is a lot of social pressure to adapt to the Democrats this year. If you printed out all the articles ventilating about Trump, they'd probably reach the planet Mars."
Halle has turned into one of the biggest jackasses on the internet, accusing anyone, in the most slanderous terms, of being ultra leftists and elitists if they are not all-in for Bernie Sanders. He so much wants the approval of the Brooklyn "intellectuals" close to Jacobin that he seems not to be able to help himself. His saving grace is that his prose is dreadful, and no halfway intelligent person could bear to read it. 

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