[Marxism] Jacobin editor urges voting for Clintony in swing states

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 16:46:38 MDT 2016

The level of discussion with most of the young and inexperienced supporters
of Bernie Sanders tends to be quite interesting and time spent listening
and talking with them is always productive.

It's the "experienced" and "mature" "theorists" who sound more like people
arguing over their sports teams.  One of my favorite habits among them is
to label anyone not supporting Sanders as being "against Bernie."  I'm
coming out of this process with entirely deflated respect for many people
who bloody well should know better.

Worse, I have yet to see any real strategic thinking behind it at all,
other than the faith that somehow--in complete opposition to the
candidate's stated purpose--what they're doing will contribute to
reconstituting a serious independent socialist movement.  Like getting on a
bus with "Denver" on the front and expecting it to fly you to Havana.

I wish it would be more surprising that--contrary to everything most of
them have been insisting for months--we're hearing the first sounds of
their drumbeat for Hillary, which will accompany rabid denunciations of
everyone who won't vote her as a "social fascist" ally of Trump and "the
Republican War on Women."  It's not original at all, but it's what passes
for politics in the U.S. of A.

Btw, this is why I've been saying that "Stalinism" has long been
meaningless in an American context.  Absolutely shitty lesser-evil policies
is simply endemic to the American two-party system.

Mark L.

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