[Marxism] Helen Clark as next UN supremo

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 18:29:01 MDT 2016

*The following was written when Helen Clark stepped down as Labour Party
leader following their defeat in the 2008 general election.  Since then
Clark has gone on to a career at the United Nations in New York.  Her
latest vanity project is to run for head of the United Nations, a position
for which the National Party government has nominated her.  *

*She might have failed in her ambition to be NZ’s first woman prime
minister so she has set her sights on being the first female
secretary-general of the United Nations.  In this position she gets to wave
her finger not at the population of one country as when she sat atop NZ
politics, but at the whole world.  *

*Imperialism Inc, and repressive leaders around the globe, know she is a
‘safe pair of hands’.  The oppressed and exploited of the world will now,
assuming she gets the post, be confronted by oppression in a pants suit
instead of oppression in a pin-stripe suit.  *

*Big progress for middle class women, zero progress for the exploited and

by *Daphna Whitmore*

The end was swift. Stepping down on election night Helen Clark ended 16
years as the Labour Party’s leader and nine years as Prime Minister. As
Labour’s longest serving head, she was one of its most capable and helped
shape the organisation into an urban liberal capitalist party.
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