[Marxism] Jacobin editor urges voting for Clinton in swing states

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 13:50:38 MDT 2016

To clarify--as if I need to, given how many times I've addressed this--I am
happy that Sanders is doing as well as he is.  This is a good sign.  I
don't agree with every position he takes or every formulation he chooses,
but I don't have to in order to support him.  It is not  my hopes, my time,
my efforts, my energies, and my voice behind the effort because I am
absolutely certain that it does not point to a solution.  This is not due
to any dogmatism on my part but because the candidate himself has indicated
that, in the end, he will support Clinton, which is absolutely deplorable.

The New Deal began over 80 years ago and FDR died a bit over 70 years ago.
For most of the young supporters of Sanders, these things mean about as
much as did the Mugwumps for those us coming up in the 1960s.  I'd argue
that that train pulled out of the Democratic Party's station when it
repudiated and maligned Henry Wallace in favor of Truman and the Cold War.
The party's priorities also trumped LBJ's largely rhetorical attempt to
rediscover the appeal of the New Deal with his War on Poverty.  Ever since,
then, the Democratic Party has periodically chanted the New Deal litanies
only to appeal to a certain aging demographic.

As to the appeal of Scandinavian "socialism," Louis' articles on this
subject have been tremendously well-researched, well-informed, and very
accessible. I've never seen a single serious refutation of his recital of
the record.

Finally, I would remind everyone that what's sparked this exchange is not
an argument over whether or not to support Sanders but over whether or not
to support Clinton.  So I suppose that going ballistic or threatening to go
ballistic might be the best defense anyone can make for urging people to do


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