[Marxism] The Ukrainian national question in Canada

KEN HIEBERT knhiebert at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 6 04:48:20 MDT 2016

I came across this article in a music publication. The Ukraine remains a factor in Canadian politics, although I hesitate to say how much of a factor. 
ken h 

Vesnivka at 50 


A whirlwind seven-city tour of Ukraine in 1991 was life-changing. From as far back as I remember, my parents had talked about their beloved homeland and I soaked up its history and culture vicariously. Stepping onto Ukrainian soil for the first time and walking in the footsteps of my ancestors was almost surreal. I discovered where I’d come from and who I was. 
The experience was unmatched and I was thrilled to share it with my choir sisters. We embraced our heritage and the people who opened their hearts to us. At times we were so moved by their generosity of spirit, we cried on stage.

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