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A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 16:46:49 MDT 2016

Wait, how is there "no fascist potential in Trumps campaign"? I get that
the ruling class doesn't like him. But so what? What am I missing? Are you
saying fascism can only develop when the ruling class uniformly supports
it/needs it? I'm not so much arguing whether or not Trump is truly a
fascist (I don't think it matters what we call him), but more how the Left
defines fascism

- Amith

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> Idiocy from Salvage:
> http://salvage.zone/in-print/lese-evilism-on-the-us-election-season/
> "We see little point in engaging with the fervent claims of leftists who
> insist, according to Holy Writ, that Trumpism cannot be the F-Word. We
> simply argue that there is a fascist potential in Trump’s campaign, and
> that the traditional political dominance of the big bourgeoisie is by no
> means as assured as left-realists assume."
> There is no fucking fascist potential in Trump's campaign. The American
> bourgeoisie would as soon allow him to rule as a 21st century Fuhrer as
> they would allow me to be the 21st Century Lenin with all my Marxmail
> comrades functioning as commissars of economics, culture, and health.
> People like those who run Goldman-Sachs and Apple like things the way they
> are. They have enormous social and economic power. They are not ready to
> allow a racist buffoon suspend parliamentary rule and impose martial law.
> In fact, it is doubtful that Trump himself has that in mind. If elected
> president, he would not be much different than Reagan. This is something we
> do not need but hysteria about impending fascism is not only an affront to
> Marxism but common sense.
> "And if the choice for president were Sanders versus Trump? Then
> notwithstanding our remorseless suspicion of the Democratic Party, against
> which we remain implacably opposed and for which we would never campaign,
> if this UK quarterly could vote, Salvage would seriously consider doing so
> for Sanders."
> And so it goes. The oldest capitalist party in the world that is still
> functioning and our British geniuses still see it as a viable option to
> "stop fascism". It is like Gus Hall playing Michael Myers in "Halloween" or
> was it "Friday the Thirteenth"?
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