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Thompson left the Communist Party in 1956, after the Khruschev 
revelations and the Hungarian invasion.
Several sources suggest that he began to focus on William Morris much 
earlier when he realized that the
drive for an "humane" English socialism was being blunted by the "taint" 
of the Soviet one.

- Bill

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New at MIA: > 
https://www.marxists.org/archive/thompson-ep/1951/william-morris.htm > 
Thanks to Paul Flewers for transcribing this. I'd be interested to > 
hear from him and others with more knowledge of the period in general > 
and Thompson and/or Morris in particular, what they make of this > 
piece. On the one hand it's an inspiring appeal for mass agitation on > 
the nonmaterial, morally and culturally uplifting features of > 
socialism a la Morris's dreams. On the other it tries to minimize or > 
deny Stalinist crimes, and thus makes me wonder what Thompson in his > 
post-Stalinist days made of Morris (and whether his attachment to > 
Morris helped him break from Stalinism). > 
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