[Marxism] Fwd: Bernie Sanders is no Eugene Debs | Green Papers [was Re: Jacobin editor urges voting for Clinton in swing states]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 8 13:54:44 MDT 2016

On 4/8/16 3:41 PM, Ralph Johansen via Marxism wrote:
> Why is the Sanders campaign in toto vilified by parts of the left and
> regarded as unworthy of active support, while it lasts as a unique
> and possibly never-to-be-repeated phenomenon (capital as a metabolic
> system tends to close all effective avenues to an alternative) -
> unless it can be shown to be, on balance and with the foregoing in
> mind, harmful?

For the same reason I and most Marxmailers (except a handful of 
pro-Castro fanatics) lambasted Barack Obama in 2007 when he was being 
hailed as the Second Coming of FDR. This is not my first rodeo on DP 
saviors. I remember selling the SWP "McCarthy Truth Kit" in 1968--not 
about Joe but Gene. We put an RFK Truth Kit a bit later. There was the 
same kind of zealotry around the "peace candidates" in 1968 just as 
there would be for McGovern 4 years later. I don't believe in conspiracy 
theories but such campaigns function objectively as a way of keeping the 
umbilical cord connected to the ruling class's most trusted way of 
co-opting the left.

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