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Einde O'Callaghan eindeoc at freenet.de
Sat Apr 9 11:36:19 MDT 2016

On 09.04.2016 16:20, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> Today’s Washington Post has an article with the rather lurid title 
> “Isaac Newton spent a lot of time on junk ‘science,’ and this 
> manuscript proves it”. It turns out that he was “super into alchemy” 
> as reporter Elahe Izadi puts it.
> full: https://louisproyect.org/2016/04/09/isaac-newton-and-junk-science/

This is ancient history. I remember reading about it 40 years ago when I 
did a course on history of natural science while studying sociology. 
IIRC he was also into astrology and even made up horoscopes.

His interest in esoterica was a theme in an alternative history book I 
read a long time ago - but the name of the book escapes me at the moment.

Einde O'Callaghan

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