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Just what the world has been waiting for.


Stalin: What Does The Name Stand For?

Volume 3, issue 1, 29-03-2016
Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Who is Stalin, What is he?
by Lars T. Lih PDF

Stalin and Hitler: Twin Brothers or Mortal Enemies?
by Domenico Losurdo PDF

A Thought on Stalin Beginning From Lenin
by Judith Balso PDF

The Prince and the Revolutionary
by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

Reflections on the Meaning of Stalinism
by Paul LeBlanc PDF

A Materialist Doctrine of Good and Evil: Stalin’s Revision of Marxist 
by Roland Boer PDF

Comrade Hegel: Absolute Spirit Goes East
by Evgeny V. Pavlov PDF

Staline selon Varlam Chalamov
by Cécile Winter PDF

Egalitarian Inventions and Political Symptoms: A Reassessment of Mao’s 
Statements on the “Probable Defeat”
by Alessandro Russo PDF

Sovereignty and Deviation: Notes on Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical 
Reason Vol 2
by Alberto Toscano PDF

Stalin Beyond Stalin: A Paradoxical Hypothesis of Communism by Alexandre 
Kojève and Boris Groys
by Alexei Penzin PDF

Tracing Radical Subjectivity contra Stalinism, and Why This Takes Us to 
by Saroj Giri PDF

Cromwell, Robespierre, Stalin (and Lenin?): Must Revolution Always Mean 
by Bill Bowring PDF

“No, it is not true!”: Stalin and the Question of Materialist Science of 
by Samo Tomšič PDF

A Left-Wing Historical Revisionism: Studying the Conflicts of the 
Twentieth Century After the Crisis of Anti-Fascist Paradigm
by Stefano G. Azzarà PDF

On the Organisation of Defeats
by Agon Hamza & Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

Marxism-Leninism Teaches that the People are the Creators of History
by Enver Hoxha

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