[Marxism] Articles on Stalin pro and con

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 9 17:31:58 MDT 2016

Roland Boer's article is just another indication that the jury for last 
year's Isaac Deutscher Prize must have been on LSD when they 
deliberated. This muck is intended to help make the case for Stalin, god 
help us:

"But why argue over these questions? They were seeking the
transformation of a fallen nature, although the transformation was
predicated on a paradox. An ‘eternal’ human nature exists, embodied
in Christ (the new prelapsarian Adam), but, due to sin, very few known
human beings have attained this eternal nature (the saints). That is,
the eternal nature appears in only very few, while the vast majority
do not measure up. The reality, therefore, is that human beings seek
transformation into an as yet unachieved ideal nature. But how can we be
so transformed? In the Latin tradition, the differences were sharper. 
For Pelagius, transformation could take place through the human 
discipline and cultivation, albeit with divine guidance and assistance. 
His own asceticism functioned as an indication of how a person might 
become more holy. For Augustine, the new human nature could be achieved 
only through God’s grace, for human beings were simply unable to do so. 
In the Greek tradition, we once again find a mediation. God and human
beings work together – synergeia – to the end that the entire human
being, in terms of will and act, conform to the divine.5 The primary aim
is deification (theosis), working with the deifying energy of grace and
conforming to the divine plan, in which salvation is a negative moment
that marks the need to deal with the reality of sin."

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