[Marxism] Stanford SJP shuts down Palestinian refugee event, falsely blames it on Alison Weir

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 18:00:34 MDT 2016


SJP shut down an event featuring an 85-year-old Nakba Survivor, one of two
people who have spent their entire lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Now
they are claiming -- falsely -- because Alison Weir (remember her
was in the audience.

Stanford SJP is lying. It had nothing to do with Alison Weir and everything
to do with the fact that one of the speakers wanted to question Israel's
right to exist as a regime:


Alison Weir had nothing to do with the event and apparently showed up to
hand out flyers for her website. One of the SJPers criticized Alison,
claiming that the issue was Alison's refusal to respect Israel's "right to
exist" as a regime. The Palestinian speaker, Amena Ashkar, agreed with
Alison's view on this matter, but was told by organizers that she was not
allowed to voice her opinion. The speaker, being a principled person,
refused to give the talk if her feelings about the colonial regime that
dispossessed her were going to be censored from the discussion. So the
organizers decided to cancel the entire event.

Their own explanation doesn't even make sense. If the problem was Alison
Weir or her flyers they could have simply removed the materials (and Alison
as well), and in fact it appears they had done that just. Instead they
cancelled the entire event, and that is because they did not want Amena's
views to be expressed.

It is beyond despicable that Stanford SJP would go to this length to cancel
a talk by two Palestinian refugees who have spent their lives in a refugee
camp, unlike the privileged brats who organized -- and then cancelled --
this talk. That includes an 85-year-old Nakba survivor. But now they want
to rationalize their disgusting behavior by drudging up rumors and innuendo
about some white lady who was in the audience and her pamphlets?

Stanford SJP owes their guests -- and the rest of us -- an apology. I am
currently speaking to some of the national tour organizers about putting
out a public statement where Amena can express the ideas Stanford SJP
denied her the opportunity to speak at Stanford, and calling on Stanford
SJP to retract this ridiculous explanation and show some accountability for
what they just did.

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