[Marxism] Stanford SJP shuts down Palestinian refugee event, falsely blames it on Alison Weir

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Apr 10 04:21:30 MDT 2016

At 20:00 09-04-16 -0400, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>SJP shut down an event featuring an 85-year-old Nakba Survivor, one of two
>people who have spent their entire lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Now
>they are claiming -- falsely -- because Alison Weir (remember her
>was in the audience.

On the face of it, stopping a Palestinian survivor from speaking on the 
basis of that person's views is inexcusable. However Amith has presented no 
evidence that:

>Stanford SJP is lying. It had nothing to do with Alison Weir and everything
>to do with the fact that one of the speakers wanted to question Israel's
>right to exist as a regime

If Amith has some evidence to that effect, he hasn't shared it with us. I 
went to the website of SJP Stanford and found nothing to the effect that 
they supported  "Israel's right to exist as a regime" let alone that they 
would prevent a Palestinian from speaking who did challenge that non-right. 

So we've only heard one side of this story, from the single link Amith gave 
us to the statement of the Free Palestine Movement which itself doesn't make 
any accusation as outrageous as Amith has made ostensibly on their behalf.


Having heard one side regarding this incident, I suspect that a more 
thorough report of this matter would reveal otherwise. I would suspect (but 
granted, can't say for sure) that it DID have everything to do with Alison 
Weir and her right-wing backers through which she is (at the very least) 
connected to antisemitism. It is not at all unusual for antisemites to be 
excluded from a pro-Palestinian event for the very reasons we have discussed 
previously and which I don't think are controversial (at least among leftists).

In that regard, I can only note that SJP has been involved in a struggle to 
defend its legitimacy within the University of California system (which 
doesn't formally include Stanford) on the very basis of their anti-zionism 
being a form of antisemitism:


So, again making an educated guess, it might be that the domination of an 
event (at least in terms of the literature available there) by a right-wing 
organization connected to antisemitism would have undercut that very 
campaign for legitimacy undertaken by SJP. The SJP, like most Palestinian 
organizations, has nothing to do with antisemitism and struggles against the 
use of the charge of antisemitism to attack and discredit the Palestinian's 
struggle for liberation.

If Amith has any actual evidence to his claim or can refute what I have 
written I suspect to be true, then I await his reply. However I have no 
interest in rehashing the formalistic claims by Alison Weir to oppose 
antisemitism, let alone the notion that her right-wing organization doesn't 
accept and embrace antisemites.

- Jeff

>Alison Weir had nothing to do with the event...

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