[Marxism] Fwd: Bernie Sanders is no Eugene Debs | Green Papers [was 3

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 08:57:20 MDT 2016

I agree with some of Ralph's points on this subject, but hesistate to weigh
rhetoric as though it represented something more.  In Sanders case, of
course, this is a different question than for the other candidates, but the
very numbers of people turning out--rightfully cited as a key feature of
the campaign--should raise other questions.

I can only regret that the socialist left in the U.S. did not invest a mere
fraction of the time, energy and effort into Occupy, they might have
prevented the Democrats from pied-pipering it to oblivion.  Or if it
mobilized around BLM in such a way as to provide local groups with more of
an anchor in the wider struggles.  When it comes to actually building what
we need--movements that transcend the electoral cycle--the Sanders campaign
is part of a deplorable pattern of encouraging people to rely on "the
process" rather than to shape a process of their own. When we see the
"Progressives for Obama" and their comradely fellow-travelers marching to
their same old drumbeat, it should concern us.


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