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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 12 11:58:25 MDT 2016

Below is an excerpt from the first article collected by editors Jules 
Alford and Andrew Wilson in the newly published “Khiyana: Daesh, the 
Left and the Unmaking of the Syrian Revolution”. Titled “Socialism and 
the Democratic Wager”, this 41 page article by Assad an-Nar deserves to 
be published separately as a pamphlet since it takes head on (and most 
eloquently so) the issues that have divided the left for the past five 

In addition to that article, there are others by people who have been 
writing in support of the Syrian revolution for the past five years, 
including me. The table of contents and excerpts from the book can be 
read here: http://ammarxists.org/khiyana/

I should mention that the word Khiyana is Arabic for treason, a word 
that resonates with the title of my article “Betrayal of the 
Intellectuals on Syria” that begins with a reference to Julian Benda’s 
La Trahison des Clercs, or “Treason of the Intellectuals”.

The book cost $15 and can be ordered from Amazon.com 
but I also invite you to buy a copy from me. Not only won’t I charge 
sales tax but the proceeds will go to Syrian Solidarity groups rather 
than a scumbag like Jeff Bezos. Drop me a line with your particulars at 
lnp3 at panix.com and I will give you the Paypal information.


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