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Hello! One of the main events of the past week for us was not Putin’s
“Direct Line,” but the arrest of a man who spoke with Putin a year ago.
Anton Tyurishev, a construction worker at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the
Russian Far East, complained to the president that he and his mates were
not being paid their wages.  Putin promised to get to the bottom of it, but
a year on nothing had changed. Tyurishev promised that in response protests
would kick off. Later, he was summoned to the police station, where the
“Law on Rallies” was read out to him. The day before the “Direct Line”
broadcast, he was detained and sent to jail for five days, allegedly, for
swearing in public.

Criminal Prosecution

The new defendant in the Bolotnaya Square Case, Maxim Panfilov, who suffers
from Tourette’s syndrome and yet was taken into police custody, isnot
getting the medicines he needs. Instead, he is being administered
substitutes that do not alleviate his condition. Panfilov has been
appointed an outpatient psychiatric examination. The investigator has
agreed to let defense attorneys attend it.

Ildar Dadin, convicted of “multiple violations of the rules for holding
public events,” was convoyed from Moscow to Petersburg right on his
birthday, which means he will serve his sentence in Leningrad Region.

Last week, it transpired that Magomednabi Magomedov, imam of the Eastern
Mosque in Khasavyurt, had been arrested, accused of incitement to terrorism
and inciting religious and ethnic hatred. Magomedov, who was transported
from one place of confinement to another over several days, complained he
had been tortured. Pretrial detention facility officers had beaten him and
forced him to kneel, demanding that he confess to the charges.

Euromaidan participant Alexander Kostenko, convicted of harming a Berkut
riot police officer, was transferred to solitary confinement shortly before
a hearing where his request for parole was to be examined. Naturally,
Kostenko’s parole request was rejected.

It seems soon Alexei Navalny will have no allies who are not undergoing
criminal prosecution. Ivan Zhdanov, head of the Anti-Corruption
Foundation’s legal service, and a candidate for the council of deputies in
the Moscow suburb of Barvikha, has been charged with evading conscription.

Freedom of Assembly

In Ulyanovsk, police diligently searched for activists who had blocked a
roadin connection with construction of a residential complex. They visited
one activist at work, and telephone another and asked him to report for
questioning. When he demanded an official summons, they threatened him with
criminal charges. Administrative charges have been filed against three

In Volgograd, the leader of the regional Union of Entrepreneurs and Freight
Haulers has been slapped with three administrative charges for calling
people to a protest rally before the rally was authorized. The court threw
out two of the three charges, while the third resulted in a fine.

The confrontation continues in Moscow’s Dubki Park. Defenders of the park,
who oppose construction there, are fined for disobeying the police. A
female journalist’s arm was injured when an assembly of defenders was
dispersed. When he was detained, one of the activists, Dmitry Boinov, was
beaten so badly that he has been in hospital for a week recovering from


In Podolsk, three men attacked Maxim Chekanov, a past participant of
protest rallies. The incident began when they called Chekanov by name,
asked him questions about the “Kiev junta,” called him a “Banderite
scumbag,” and then invited him to go round the corner. During the ensuing
fight they smashed Chekhanov’s face.

Popular Chechen singer Hussein Betelgeriev, who disappeared in late March,
has returned home beaten. It is unknown where he was all this time.
Relatives and friends suggest he was abducted, and connect the abduction
with his comments on social networks and the fact he ignored the call to
attend a pro-Kadyrov rally on March 23.


Olga Sutuga, mother of anti-fascist Alexei Sutuga, currently serving time
at a penal colony in Irkutsk Region, talks about the international aid
project Political Prisoners University.

Thanks for your attention!


OVD Info is an independent human rights media project dedicated to
political persecution in Russia. We are engaged in daily monitoring of
detentions at public events, and publish information about other kinds of
political persecution. We believe that information is liberates and
protects people, and analyzing the data we collect can help change the
situation for the better in the future.

Editor’s Note. OVD Info sends out the weekly summary in Russian, which I
have translated, above, by email to its supporters. I thought that, despite
its brevity, it provided an eloquent picture of the state of affairs in
this country at the moment, and not just this particular week. You can sign
up for the mailing list by going to the bottom of any on the OVD Info
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