[Marxism] Clinton: Crusade Against the Left?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 19:48:57 MDT 2016

I follow almost all of this except that lesser-evil stuff: "Would we have
seen Occupy and the Sanders Effect (respectable people may now profess
"socialism") under McCain?"

Occupy Wall Street began in September 2011, so unless people voted for
Dubya as a lesser evil, that one doesn't hold any water at all.

And why would anyone not have expected something like "the Sanders Effect"
regardless of whether McCain or O'Bomber was in office?

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> It is no accident that the Clinton campaign has been circulating a
> caricature of Bernie Sanders that is clearly based on F. W. Murnau's
> antisemitic film vampire Nosferatu. In my opinion, the unprovoked rage
> being vented against the left by the Clinton campaign (with Sanders as the
> convenient scapegoat) far exceeds anything coming from Trump.
> Nosferatu: http://www.dvdjournal.com/reviewimgs/n/nosferatu/4-drinking.jpg
> Sanders: Bernie Sanders - Caricature ]
> This should should be a cause of the greatest alarm to all those who stand
> for social equality--real leftists as much, if not more, than the
> "democratic socialists" of the Sanders stripe, who virtuously stop up their
> ears when any mention is made of socializing the means of production and
> consumption.
> We should not forget that longtime Clinton associate Rahm Emanuel has
> recently been unmasked as having established and maintained a secret
> network of torture chambers and oubliettes all over the city of Chicago
> during his calamitous reign as gauleiter. This, in addition to the many
> murderous military and policy initiatives that Clinton has undertaken on
> behalf of the 1% during her long and disgraceful career should be a clear
> signal of what the "liberal" Democrats are capable of when in power.
> For all the crying about Trump's being a fascist, Emanuel, with his proven
> track record of vicious abuse against anyone who opposes him and his
> establishment of a semi-dictatorship in Chicago, comes far closer to the
> mark. In any case, we should never forget that it was the allegedly liberal
> Woodrow Wilson who initiated the infamous Palmer Raids, which began the
> long and devastatingly successful war of the Democratic Party against
> socialism and anarchism in all their forms.  Of course Emanuel himself has
> had to have his wrist slapped in public, but we can safely assume that
> there are many more like him in the hole he crawled out of.
> Unlike Louis Proyect, for whom I nevertheless have the greatest respect, I
> have always reluctantly accepted voting for the lesser evil as a tactical
> necessity. Would we have seen Occupy and the Sanders Effect (respectable
> people may now profess "socialism") under McCain?
> But if the current trend of the Clinton campaign continues, I see very
> little to choose between Clinton/Emanuel-and Donald Trump except the likely
> self-immolation of the latter.  Would this be as bad as the worst that we
> can expect from Clinton if, as seems likely, she continues to base her
> campaign on an updated version of traditional "liberal" anticommunism.
> Jill Stein anyone?
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