[Marxism] The Bernie Sanders before there was Bernie Sanders

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 18 06:20:12 MDT 2016

The calamity which our forefathers feared most has, in our time, come to 
pass--an unholy alliance of private greed and corrupt politics. Our 
deteriorating economy, our collapsing political process, and our eroding 
system of common values, are the direct consequences of a few allowed to 
satisfy their appetites for greed and privilege.

While the net worth of the average American family declined, the Forbes 
400 richest families in America saw their collective wealth increase by 
300%! Did any other American families see their net worth triple? Even 

However, the stunning gains by the very rich did not result from the 
success of hard work or as a reward earned by expanding the nation's 
prosperity to the benefit of all.

The triumph of the forces of special privilege with its devastating 
consequences to the entire nation, was engineered with the complicity of 
Washington's entrenched politicians, Democrat and Republican alike.

full: http://www.4president.org/speeches/jerrybrown1992announcement.htm

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