[Marxism] A comment on my blog from a Sanders delegate who has an extensive Marxist background

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 20 05:38:34 MDT 2016

For many who came up through the democrats and then became part of the 
anti capitalist movement it’s a different story. Knowing the democrats 
as I do, it’s only a matter of using the democrats for as long as we can 
to teach, and no more. For now, the sanders campaign offers a chance to 
stymie the most powerful crew of corporatists on the national stage, the 
Clinton machine. Once that’s over with it’s over, unless Billory manages 
to create,a split in the party with their periodic stupid outbursts on 
why the presidency belongs to their bloody claws. There are many within 
the sanders ranks who are teachable, but most will move back onto the 
Clinton column come the convention. That’s what I’m seeing as I work 
through all this as a Sanders delegate.

The Sanders leadership just doesn’t have the sand to take on the big 
players. They’re a little more combative than the obamians were, but 
they just don’t have enough of a base aside from inside the machinery of 
the democrats. Once in awhile, Sanders makes a point that compels 
Clinton to run against herself, but he doesn’t have – nor does he want- 
the presence of character enough to press his advantage. He is a third 
rate man in a,situation that requires a second rate man, He is a 
Humphrey when the times require a McGovern. As for the bulk of the 
Sandernistas that I’ve seen at the Washington caucuses, many have fire, 
but are too drawn in by the party’s smoke and mirrors to mount 
a,credible opposition. Evidence may be seen in their howls of outrage 
over the petty bureaucracy machinations, and their inability to see the 
most gross deception like the , the Trump/Cruz bogey.

There is no in depth discussion of what it might mean to begin to 
organize a grassroots opposition to the right wing, there is only a 
quiet fear that borders on panic. There are tiny layers within the 
Sanders ranks out here who will say “stuff it” to whatever horror shows 
the clinton people will drag out and vote third party come what may. But 
the chances of creating an open split with the Clinton democrats remain 
largely reliant on one key contradiction. That is thearrogance and the 
presumption of the clintons and their supporters, who remain bone 
headedly wedded to their dynastic succession fantasies, and mouth off as 
though they make some kind of sense. They present a nonstop willingness 
to.play the “rule or ruin” card, and occasionally step on their own selves.

But to take advantage of this, the Sanders faction needs someone other 
then Sanders to lead the charge. And unless there is a major set-back 
for Clinton in California – the new york machinery blew sanders out last 
night- there will be no more of the more combative Sanders who began to 
mouth off after his string of primary victories. I will be participating 
in the platform struggles out here in the coming weeks, but frankly, 
it’s looking more and more to me like the Sanders political revolution 
is exactly what some of us have been saying all along, more fuss and 
feathers than actual bird.

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