[Marxism] America is Staring Into the Abyss and Preparing to Jump

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 21 01:25:05 MDT 2016

Louis Proyect said:

Look, I have my problems with Jeff St. Clair but it would be impossible 
for him to go through all the articles he publishes. I was telling my 
wife earlier today when she saw this crap that there's a big difference 
between Counterpunch and Swans, which was edited by the late Gilles 
D'Aymery. Swans came out once a month and he had a clear idea what 
should appear in it. He also went through every article with a fine 
tooth comb. Counterpunch is more like a bulletin board that relies on 
the trustworthiness of people who have been vetted to some extent by 
Jeff and by Cockburn before him. As far as I can tell, Felton only wrote 
one article for Counterpunch before, a pretty unobjectionable one on 
Greece. So I can understand how this latest piece sneaked through.

As should be obvious by now, I have stopped writing for Counterpunch 
although I don't regret my involvement with it at all. However, there is 
still an acute need for a broad and intelligent socialist voice on the 
Internet. I had hopes that MRZine might have played that role but in 
their infinite wisdom John Bellamy Foster and John Mage put Yoshie 
Furuhashi in charge. This was a person who had flame wars on PEN-L, 
LBO-Talk and Marxmail before being hired.

The next bid was Jacobin, a publication whose editorial board consists 
mostly of academics. It is in a real sense just another piece of real 
estate in the HM, Verso, Socialist Register neighborhood. I subscribe to 
it and occasionally find some of it worth reading but it is not what I 
think is necessary.

There are lots of good people writing for CounterPunch like Michael 
Yates, Henry Giroux and Patrick Bond who have a solid grounding in 
Marxism. We need an online publication that incorporates their kind of 
writing plus that of people outside the academy who can report on labor 
struggles like Jon Flanders and Carl Finamore. It is frustrating to me 
that something like that does not exist.

Ken Hiebert replies:
From your description is seems that  Counterpunch is a one-person operation.  The editor does not have access to a team of volunteers to help him read the articles that he publishes.
This in spite of the fact that Counterpunch has been "telling facts and naming names since 1993."

You have described Counterpunch as "...more like a bulletin board..."  Maybe that's how Counterpunch should present itself.  If the editor cannot read all that he publishes, we cannot be sure that all the articles will be "telling facts."

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