[Marxism] Fwd: Bernie Sanders: the Candidate Who Came in From the Cold

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 22 04:19:07 MDT 2016

So Bernie was bound to lose. He knew it. His staff knew it. Only his 
loyal claque of Sandernistas seem to have been kept in the dark 
regarding the inevitable outcome. Bernie owed it to his supporters to 
tell them the truth about the rigged nature of the primaries, instead of 
injecting them with the rhetoric of false hope. In the absence of that 
dose of political reality, Sanders’s supporters began looking for 
scapegoats to explain the inexplicable losses of their hero against an 
unappetizing and deeply compromised opponent. Most frequently, the 
distraught Sandernistas have focused their rage on black voters. 
Apparently, many Sandernistas subscribe to the Charles “Bell Curve” 
Murray school of political science. They seem to believe that 
African-Americans are so intellectually limited that they don’t know 
what’s good for them. I suspect the next thing will be for the 
Sandernistas to propose having enlightened white progressives cast proxy 
votes on behalf of blacks. Bernie himself continues to fuel this toxic 
scenario, most recently when he decried the frontloading of southern 
primaries, which are dominated by black voters. The Sanders campaign’s 
slurs against American blacks are uglier than anything they’ve launched 
at Hillary Clinton.


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