[Marxism] a snip

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:43:18 MDT 2016

"The material conditions that generate the need for people to look for
substitutes for their agency—distress and oppression on the one hand,
married to feeling relatively powerless, on the other—all of that continues
to exist in late capitalism both because of, and despite the miscarriage of
concrete utopia."

I snipped the above from Lou's post.  I do so look forward to reading the
fuller version of his analysis of Stalinism.  I was especially intrigued by
the relevance of this remark for an understanding of the phenomenon of Left
Nietzscheanism or to be more exact the refuge by defeated leftist
intellectuals in the paranoid boasting that was the staple of Nietzsche's

Someday I may get the time to do a full exploration of the duality of
Stalinism and Nietzscheanism. I am thinking especially of the fact that the
turn to Nietzsche in the 60s in France was partly sparked by the fear of
the PCF coming back into government in the Union de la Gauche.  So to
prevent that we had the rubbish about "There is no such thing as the truth
(Is that true?) the "End of the Grand Narratives" and the ontology of the
"rhizome" - (The potato rules). All would be risible if they had not been
taken so seriously and gone on to infect a whole generation of students.



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