[Marxism] Fwd: I pretended to be a Trump supporter on Russian TV - Salon.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 27 05:46:36 MDT 2016

We then chatted a little bit about how Russia’s just about the only 
country that wants Trump to become president and the reporter pointed 
out that it makes sense, since Trump is one of the only pro-Putin 
politicians around. I pointed out that the candidate I actually 
preferred, Bernie Sanders, would probably be “the Pussy Riot candidate,” 
which provoked some laughter from the Russians. I offered to re-do the 
interview with them if they wanted one with less stammering and awkward 
pauses, but the reporter again complimented my “acting” and said it 
would work fine.

The fact that these TV journalists were so willing to go along with that 
they knew was a prank and pass it off as reality was, of course, totally 
insane from an ethical point of view. I acknowledged as much when I 
wrote the comment “#russianjournalismethics” on the Facebook post I put 
up a few minutes after the interaction ended.

The whole affair was so patently farcical that I didn’t think I would 
ever actually end up on TV. In fact, I didn’t even know how I could 
check if I did make it on the air, since I don’t speak Russian, I didn’t 
know the name of the TV station involved, and I have no clue how to type 
in Cyrillic. So imagine my surprise when a Russian-American friend of 
mine found the news story featuring my interview on the website of St. 
Petersburg’s Channel 5 the next day! There I was, saying “Donald Trump 
all the way!” in English before the voice dubbing me into Russian 
drowned me out. According to a Russian-speaking friend, what my Russian 
self said was: “Donald Trump — no question. He’s awesome as a showman, 
and I’ve loved watching him on TV. He’s a good developer and knows how 
to handle money. He’s the only one who’ll make America even greater.” 
Pretty accurate, all things considered!


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