[Marxism] Nada Elia: Time to Stop Celebrating Jewish Dissent in Palestine Solidarity Mvmt

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 28 16:09:42 MDT 2016

At 12:36 28-04-16 -0400, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>Nada Elia making
precisely the point about Jewish privilege and chauvinism
>that the
assholes from Jews Without Borders (the cult that attacked Lou and
>I over
the Alison Weir debacle) keep trying to promote.

This article is making a big deal about a (largely) imaginary problem,
which conveniently fits into Amith's agenda of creating false tension
within the Palestinian solidarity movement (while at the same time,
normalizing the participation of anti-Israel right-wingers!).

As an example, the above statement that the Jews Without Borders website
(which I have browsed) is "trying to promote" "Jewish privilege and
chauvinism" IS A FILTHY LIE AND A SLANDER!! I really do not know how it is
possibly acceptable for Amith to make such unfounded statements about
leftists in struggle and for that to be tolerated on this list. He made
such accusations against JVP and the Stanford chapter of SJP which he
slandered as being "not anti-Zionist." In both cases I checked out his
accusations (after all, I need to know who I'm collaborating with) and I am
very confident in saying that his charges have no validity at all.

In response to the article by Nada Elia, I think it might refer to a
potential problem, which has possibly been observed in practice but
probably reflects an unfounded fear and uneasiness with the number of Jews
involved in Palestine solidarity. The reason you find many Jews involved in
supporting Palestine is because there are many Jews among the left. Period.
I very seldom hear those leftists going out of their way to identify
themselves as Jews except (and this is the point of JVP) to smash the idea
that all Jews support Israel/Zionism or need "protection" through the
existence of such a state (even if it didn't displace the Palestinian
nation, among other evils). More often it is the media that points out that
someone speaking for Palestine is him/herself Jewish, and if they find that
novel then they are free to report it to the chagrin of those who think in
terms of some fundamental conflict between Arabs and Jews.

And anyone on the left will recognize that presently Jews are not an
oppressed ethnicity (in most all places) and do not interject such nonsense
into their narratives. Oppression of Jews is an historical phenomenon, and
when leftists make references to it they are referring to history, usually
periods before they were even born (thus you might hear a poignant
reference to the plight of ones grandparents who escaped, or didn't escape,
the holocaust). The idea that Jews (among the left) are expressing their
own (supposed) oppression or abusing their own "privilege" is wholly in the
mind of this author. He wrote a complete essay about a mainly imagined

Unfortunately, after having become familiar with Amith's modus operandi, it
doesn't surprise me at all that among all that's out there he would zero in
on a divisive piece decrying a non-problem.

- Jeff

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