[Marxism] Nada Elia: Time to Stop Celebrating Jewish Dissent in Palestine Solidarity Mvmt

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 28 16:44:35 MDT 2016

At 18:21 28-04-16 -0400, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>... Jeff. He ...
>also defended shutting down the refugee event at Stanford.

What BULLSHIT!! If you're going to talk about the views of someone on this
list then you MUST be able to present a quotation of that person -- which
obviously you cannot to justify such a charge. OF COURSE I never "defended
shutting down the refugee event at Stanford."

I have been researching this, and in fact the event was only "shut down" by
the speaker herself who took offense at the request made by two individuals
who weren't even representing Stanford SJP. Anyone with principles would
have just gone ahead and spoke her mind, regardless. Instead it seems this
person acted (or was used) in order to promote divisiveness rather than
what she was brought there to present. And then Amith gets to frame this
unfortunate incident in terms of a disagreement over the legitimacy of
Israel?? More bullshit! I haven't ever heard a single Palestinian defend
any "legitimacy" of Israel, nor does the solidarity movement speak in such
terms. CERTAINLY not the Stanford SJP! What I question the legitimacy of is
right-wing organizations suddenly presenting themselves as friends of the
Palestinians, when if you look at their origins you'll find they hate Arabs
just as much as they hate Jews. And I find it troubling, to say the least,
that Amith is on a personal email basis with a leader of such a group.

- Jeff

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