[Marxism] NATO, Jim Foley and Honduras.

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Thu Apr 28 17:08:19 MDT 2016

I guess the difference here is in the timescales. If you take a short
timescale - which begins in 2013, then perhaps your view of the events is
correct. And I¹m not getting into the weeds here.
If you take a longer timescale - one that begins in 1986 or thereabouts -
then the question of NATO¹s eastward expansion is germane to the very
dangerous confrontations that are taking place not only in Ukraine but
also in Romania and in the Baltic Sea. It is the case that there are NATO
members that have a close, even fraternal, relations with Moscow and its
leadership. However, these hardly determine NATO policy.
Warmly, Vijay.

On 4/28/16, 6:44 PM, "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

>On 4/28/16 6:24 PM, Prashad, Vijay via Marxism wrote:
>> (2) Second, a report on NATO, with a memory of sitting with the
>> journalist Jim Foley in the Chicago
>Vijay: "The Ukraine conflict is a direct product of NATO¹s expansion
>This is ridiculous. The Ukraine conflict grew out of a secessionist
>movement in Donetsk and Luhansk that was led by operatives who had
>backgrounds in the Russian military and state security. It was inflamed
>by hysterical reporting in the pro-Russian TV stations that the Russian
>language would be banned in state agencies, schools, etc. as if Kiev was
>going to treat people in the East like Turkey treats the Kurds.
>Putin never gave much of a shit about NATO. He was opposed to democratic
>movements like Euromaidan that despite the slander of Stephen F. Cohen
>et al was mostly about ending corruption, police brutality and a
>semicolonial status that Lenin once likened to Ireland in relation to
>Proof of that is his amicable relations with the President of the Czech
>Republic, a member state of NATO that is cut from the
>Putin/Trump/Berlusconi mold.
>NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg thanked the Czech Republic for
>its contributions to the Alliance during his first official visit to
>Prague on Wednesday (9 September 2015). Speaking at a joint press
>conference with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Mr. Stoltenberg called
>the country ³a staunch and very committed Ally².
>The president of the Czech Republic has claimed Muslim integration in
>Western Europe is ³practically impossible².
>President Milos Zeman, 71, said during a televised interview that
>Islamic ³culture² should not be taken into Europe, or else ³it will end
>up like Cologne², referring to the large number of sexual assaults on
>New Year's Eve in the German city.
>The 71-year-old, who is well-known for his outspoken anti-migrant
>rhetoric, said: ³The experience of western European countries which have
>ghettos and excluded localities shows that the integration of the Muslim
>community is practically impossible.²
>When Russia hosted leaders from Cuba's Raul Castro to Zimbabwe's Robert
>Mugabe for May 9 Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, Czech President
>Milos Zeman was one of only two EU heads of state in town.
>Although Zeman stayed away from the military parade in Red Square, the
>visit was a coup of sorts for the Kremlin. With all major Western
>leaders boycotting the show of weaponry to protest Moscow¹s interference
>in Ukraine, the trip gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a chance to
>claim he and the country have friends in the heart of Europe.
>I should add that it is not only the Czech Republic.
>So let¹s consider Hungary, a NATO member whose prime minister recently
>named Putin¹s Russia as a political model to be emulated. Or NATO member
>Slovakia, whose leftist prime minister likened the possible deployment
>of NATO troops in his country to the Soviet invasion of 1968. Or NATO
>member Czech Republic, where the defense minister made a similar
>comparison and where the government joined Slovakia and Hungary in
>fighting the European Union¹s sanctions against Russia. Or Serbia, a
>member of NATO¹s ³partnership for peace² that has invited Putin to visit
>Belgrade this month for a military parade to celebrate the 70th
>anniversary of the Red Army¹s ³liberation² of the city.

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