[Marxism] Nada Elia: Time to Stop Celebrating Jewish Dissent in Palestine Solidarity Mvmt

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 28 17:31:11 MDT 2016

At 18:54 28-04-16 -0400, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>It is much more complicated. The people who organized the tour are part 
>of the PSL/Workers World wing of the movement that is very much pro-Arab 
>except those who opposed Assad. Paul Larudee, for example, writes very 
>laudable articles on Palestinians but is atrocious on Syria. 

But of course the ones you named are all part of the left and aren't who I
was referring to. If the Free Palestine Movement (including Paul Larudee)
had done exactly what they set out to, then I would have no problem with
them and would happily have invited their speaker to my locality. And as
far as I know, this tour is mainly functioning in that way and should be

But in the case of the event at Stanford, the speaking engagement became an
opportunity for Alison Weir and her openly right-wing organization to gain
legitimacy they don't deserve. And an opportunity for Amith to imagine a
political difference on which he bases his outright slanders. 

>Furthermore, a lot of right wingers have become pro-Palestinian on a 
>realpolitik basis, like Mearsheimer and Walt who see the Israel lobby as 
>a threat to the "national interest"

EXACTLY. And that is what I mean by "right-wing." Some of them are actually
far-right, but that isn't the essential point. It is that they are NOT
fighting for Palestinian liberation, they are fighting against Israel. And
indeed if the right wing (the ruling class) were to decide to reject Israel
(for instance, stop US aid and support in the UNSC) that would be a GREAT
outcome. But the movement for Palestine opposes Israel for very different
reasons and in ways consistent with the interests of the left (including
fighting all racism) and would be crippled if it were to merge politically
with the anti-Israel right. That point is widely recognized, except by Amith.

- Jeff

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