[Marxism] About Alison Weir & the "Pro-Palestine" right (& far right)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 08:58:47 MDT 2016

Thanks to Jeff for doing the research on this. I think Weir is not
*personally* "right-wing" but more a classic liberal and "progressive" who
can't stand what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. But her own
organization and who she 'unites with' is clearly, as Jeff shows, quite
right wing. She's perceived as leftist because she is also sponsored by a
variety of ostensibly leftist lead Palestinian solidarity groups. And in
fact, I think she approaches them quite honestly and forthright as they do
her. But in truth she is part of a right-wing anti-Semtic milieu that is
undeniable as well. I would say and perhaps it appears odd to some, that
most of her interactions with Jewish-Americans are in fact via the
Palestinian Solidarity/BDS movements.

In more important vein, I find it odd that some in the BDS movement oppose
raising the issue of Israel's so-called "Right to exist". What nonsense is
this? I understand the impetus of the recent BDS movement stems from
Israel's murderous assault on Gaze and isn't around the issue of Zionism
specifically, but take a political stand against an anti-Zionist position
is simply whacked out IMHO.


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