[Marxism] Moderator's note

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 29 09:52:32 MDT 2016

At 11:29 29-04-16 -0400, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>I made a mistake by getting into the Allison Weir question. We spent far 
>too much time on that originally

Wait a minute! I spent considerable time compiling the information that,
yes, I should have posted earlier when YOU permitted a "guest post" on your
blog unjustly attacking the very organizations that brought the problem
with her and her organizations to light. You can't just start a discussion
and then shut it down when it's starting to get to the point. According to
a leading and prolific poster on this list, all that I have written about
her is wrong or misleading. Now if I'm wrong, I have the right to view
replies to my mistakes so that I can correct my mistakes. I, like all, am
here to learn (FYI I am not involved in any party that has a stake in the

So let us now "learn" why all the facts I compiled shouldn't justify the
positions reached by Jewish Voice for Peace, the US Campaign to End the
Israeli Occupation, and Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine.
Obviously this isn't an unimportant discussion nor is it going away. If we
have a fundamental disagreement about whether the far-right should be
involved in Palestine solidarity, then we need to know that. But the post I
was directly addressing asked for evidence of any such thing, I provided
that evidence, and I expect a reply from any and all concerned quarters.
Including the moderator whose (tentative?) position on right-wing
involvement in support of Palestine is so contrary to his admirable
positions regarding the right in Russia, the Ukraine, Syria, etc. that I
can barely believe I'm talking to the same person.

- Jeff

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