[Marxism] Alison Weir

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:15:22 MDT 2016

Not to beat a dead horse, but Jeff seems to be utterly naive about being a
single-issue policy advocate. I recently wrote about this topic the

Several months ago, when we were beginning to discuss having Ms. Weir come
to Rhode Island, the efforts of people affiliated with the New England
branch of If Americans Knew and myself were hindered by figures affiliated
with local Providence campuses and Jewish Voice for Peace who repeated a
variation of these lies, saying that Weir had refused to dis-affiliate with
known white supremacists. Leaving aside how problematic it is for academic
types who participate in the gentrification of Providence to talk about
white supremacy, it also is indicative of a total lack of maturity
regarding politics. When you are a single-issue policy advocate, that role
requires, in order for one to be effective, that one speaks with parties on
both sides of the aisle to make any real headway in their efforts. Is Ralph
Nader now to be considered a stool pigeon because he once made a speech at
the Chamber of Commerce? That is the level of silliness at play here.


Best regards,

Andrew Stewart

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