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Stanford SJP does. They released a second statement clarifying that that
accusation was incorrect and that they had confused her with that creepy
Clay Douglas person that interviewed her.

Not that it matters, they lied about why the event was called off:

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> From the Stanford SJP  Facebook posting of April 8.
> https://www.facebook.com/StanfordSJP/posts/1015517068540461
> "Ms. Weir, however, has made a number of remarks that blatantly attack the
> Jewish people as whole. In addition, Ms. Weir has also made derogatory
> remarks about Arabs, endorsed speech by a former head of the KKK, denied
> the impact of South African Apartheid, and referred to communism as a
> Jewish conspiracy."
> I have asked previously and I will ask again, Does anyone deny that Weir
> has said these things?
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