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I didn't forget, I assumed you could find it yourself given you found their
last one. It's the third one down: https://www.facebook.com/StanfordSJP/

*Regarding claims that we told Ms. Ashkar that she should not say that
Israel had no right to exist in her presentation - this was in fact told to
Ms. Ashkar by two members of our SJP*. This is not, however, because we
actually believe that saying Israel has no right to exist is anti-Semitic.
The members of our group who told this to Ms. Ashkar felt intimidated by
the current standing bill in the student senate and felt as though it would
be unwise given the campus climate for a presenter at one of our events to
speak openly about wanting Israel to cease to exist. Though some of our
members disagree with those members’ decision to tell Ms. Ashkar that she
could not speak about Israel not having a right to exist, that decision was
based on those members’ feelings of not being able to speak openly about
opposition to Zionism because of the current student government bill. We
believe that this situation is an effective demonstration of how bills such
as the one currently in our student government work to silence criticism of
Israel on college campuses: by making Palestinian solidarity organizers
feel intimidated, by making them doubt themselves, and by making them feel
like they cannot speak out."

Let us be clear: we harbor no animus toward Ms. Ashkar. Our desire as
Stanford SJP to cancel the event was based solely on the presence of Ms.
Weir and the behavior of Ms. Weir and Mr. Larudee. We would have loved to
hear the stories of Ms. Fathallah and Ms. Ashkar, and we find it repulsive
that Mr. Larudee, Ms. Weir, and their associates are attempting to
discredit of a group of students who are simply trying to do their best to
work for justice for Palestinians and for all people.

Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine

** We do regret that the previous statement issued on April 8 had factual
inaccuracies; *the statement that “In addition, Ms. Weir has also made
derogatory remarks about Arabs, endorsed speech by a former head of the
KKK, denied the impact of South African Apartheid, and referred to
communism as a Jewish conspiracy” is not true*. These remarks were in fact
made by notorious white supremacist Clay Douglas to Ms. Weir during the
times she appeared on his radio show, “The Free American Hour”. However, it
is important to note that Ms. Weir did nothing to challenge these
assertions by Mr. Douglas and has in fact repeatedly stated her belief that
Mr. Douglas is not racist, violent, or anti-Semitic."

They admit to asking the refugee speaker not to say things about Israel's
"right to exist" and add an addendum admitting that their accusation was

The first part is important because it means they have essentially
validated what Amena, the Palestinian refugee, has said about why she felt
it necessary to call off the event. It would provide a much more reasonable
explanation for why the speaker called it off than their own explanation
that they had to shut down an entire event because a "problem person"
allegedly wouldn't leave. Weir said nobody asked her to leave, and their
original statement (the one you linked) says only that they asked her to
remove some of her personal writings, and concedes that Weir complied. It
wouldn't make sense for them to ask only that she remove materials if they
also want her out. Lastly if it was really an issue they could have called
security to remove her rather than cancelling the entire event. And all
that is proceeding on the preposterous notion that Alison Weir's radio
interviews 10 years ago are a legitimate reason to behave this way anyway.

In Stanford SJP's defense, they didn't behave this way at all, because the
entire story is a bullshit post hoc explanation that is less embarrassing
than admitting that a Palestinian refugee felt compelled to call of an
event because the organizers tried to censor anti-Israel sentiment.

- Amith

On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 11:38 PM, Ken Hiebert <knhiebert at shaw.ca> wrote:

> You forgot to include a link to the second statement.
> ken h
> On 2016-04-29, at 8:31 PM, A.R. G wrote:
> Stanford SJP does. They released a second statement clarifying that that
> accusation was incorrect and that they had confused her with that creepy
> Clay Douglas person that interviewed her.
> Not that it matters, they lied about why the event was called off:
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jKqkm5j7qd4
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>> From the Stanford SJP  Facebook posting of April 8.
>> https://www.facebook.com/StanfordSJP/posts/1015517068540461
>> "Ms. Weir, however, has made a number of remarks that blatantly attack
>> the Jewish people as whole. In addition, Ms. Weir has also made derogatory
>> remarks about Arabs, endorsed speech by a former head of the KKK, denied
>> the impact of South African Apartheid, and referred to communism as a
>> Jewish conspiracy."
>> I have asked previously and I will ask again, Does anyone deny that Weir
>> has said these things?
>>                                         ken h
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