[Marxism] Ilya Budraitskis: Putrefaction as the Laboratory of Life (The 2016 Elections)

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 05:40:12 MDT 2016

A compelling analysis by Ilya Budraitskis of the Russian parliamentary
elections in September:

"Marx said that putrefaction is the laboratory of life. Now we see how
Putinist capitalism has embarked on a process of gradual self-destruction.
The upcoming elections provide a clear picture of how this has been
facilitated by two opposing rationales, the political rationale (Volodin
and the presidential administration) and the law enforcement rationale.
Thus, the first rationale, in order to generate the necessary momentum and
expand the range of opinions, must respond to social discontent by
providing United Russia’s managed opponents with greater freedom to
criticize. Restoring the internal political balance will inevitably lead to
the fact that topics related to the crisis and the government’s anti-social
policies will become the centerpiece of the entire election campaign. On
the other hand, the security forces will destabilize the situation outside
parliament. Together, they will do much more to undermine an already-flawed
system than the long-term, deliberate efforts of any western intelligence

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