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Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 30 08:23:23 MDT 2016

At 03:27 30-04-16 -0500, Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo via Marxism wrote:
>Yes. Omitting that part of the Stanford SJP's statement distorted the facts.

Thank you Kevin VERY MUCH for this more complete round-up of the issues
involving the division between the Palestine solidarity movement and the
anti-Israel right-wing, which underlie the conflict at the Stanford event!

I hadn't yet gotten around to it, but I will now start a new thread
challenging what I see as slanders against the Stanford SJP. I guess I need
to do that right now since it might be construed as another post about
Alison Weir (over whom discussion is cut-off), though mainly it isn't about
her or even the two organizations she leads. It is about the slander
campaign that appears to be led by Amith.

The reason Alison Weir was important in relation to the Stanford incident,
is that her surprise appearance alerted the SJP members who invited the
Palestinian speakers on tour to some irregularities, if you will, with the
intentions of those hosting the tour. It might have just been a
misunderstanding, but appears not to be, given the immediate hostile
response by tour organizer Paul Larudee, as well as by Amith -- who wasn't
even there! -- who jumped on it to prove some supposed political difference
that he is trying to create. Obviously the Palestinian speakers didn't
believe in the "legitimacy of Israel" (have you ever heard a Palestinian
who does, excepting ones on the payroll of the PA?), and this has never
been an issue before. I assume Stanford SJP has presented Palestinian
speakers before, none of whom had any such belief, without problems
arising. For a problem to arise at this incident didn't have to do with the
Palestinian speaker and her views (who may well have been manipulated into
a confrontation), but very well may be related to Alison Weir and the tour

Please refer to my next post.

- Jeff


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