[Marxism] Liberals (and leftists) Keep Calling Donald Trump a Dove

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Wed Aug 3 19:50:54 MDT 2016

Yep, Amith is right: Trump's statements on Palestine are now way to
the right of Clinton's. Even to the right of Obama, who within a year
or so of becoming president, so completely betrayed his initial
pro-Palestine comments that he was labelled, not wrongly, the most
pro-Israeli president in US history (despite his personal tiff with
Bibi), and has signed onto the biggest US "aid" package to Israel, or
to any country ever, in history.

Wow, what a relief that Charles Davis has finally put together this
excellent article. I have no brief for Clinton, of course, or of
calling her a "hawk," but I was having trouble with the question of
"hawk compared to who," since the only relevant comparisons were with
either Obama or with Trump. She may be no dove compared to either, but
she is also no hawk compared to either. Not at all. Not on Palestine,
nor Syria, nor Iraq, nor the drone wars. Even if Trump now says his
2003 support for the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, how does that
differ from Clinton who now says her 2003 support for the invasion of
Iraq was a mistake.

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> Should add he also went 180 on Palestine and backs full-scale Israeli
> confiscation of the West Bank.
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