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There is a pattern among many leftist publications
consider themselves to be “anti-sexist
<https://www.jacobinmag.com/2011/01/let-them-eat-diversity/>” to engage in
patently sexist practices by shifting away from from issues
<http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=11520> that specifically affect women or
by taking sides in debates where women’s bodies and lives are suddenly
rendered commodity.  Suddenly the tone of what is acceptable historical
materialism shifts radically when women are pointing out issues that
pertain to their reality.  Quite suddenly there is no room for debate and
where there is a need for discussion about issues that directly effect
women, the left is largely abandoning the voices of women as both political
constituents and political thinkers.

In recent years there has been one attempt after another another to shut
down any debate when it comes to identity politics and we have moved from
Descartes’ *cogito ergo sum* to *I feel therefore shut the fuck up*. And
this trend can be seen across the board with callout culture
from sub-factions of the left which in turn results in the likes of certain
writers publishing astute critiques
 of identity politics
<https://thecharnelhouse.org/2013/11/01/on-the-term-identitarian/>, only to
suddenly change course when it comes to gender and the inclusion of
women’s voices.  As abortion rights in the US are in stiff regression and
violence against females is increasing across the planet, women who have
quite a bit at stake in the current political climate often find themselves
at odds with the leftist political landscape.  Specficall the United
Kingdom and other anglophone countries, even as there is a growing parallel
movement that is directly addressing materialism and patriarchy

As the oppression of women is tied to the material reality of being female
and not a product of that being female, feminist politics over the decades
have been sidelined and resultantly women have been mostly abandoned by the
left *specifically when it comes to gender. *Where the left traditionally
rebuked identity politics, today selfhood is often embraced by the left as
of a collection of personality traits *cum*political ideology.  Scholar and
feminist activist Jasmine Curcio
this polemic and the domination of men in leftist politics, especially
around issues pertaining to feminism:

And so many years on, feminist discussions around the left continue to be
subtly dominated by men and their perspective, with the aid of theoretical
frameworks that marked disdain towards feminism in decades past. Men have
become gatekeepers of feminist discussion, and many debates take place with
ignorance, disdain, and sometimes subtle tactics of bullying. Phenomena
that lie outside of the bourgeois-proletarian contradiction are not really
taken on board as material facts, but either made to fit with constructed
orthodoxy or they are discarded.

Paradoxically, when women point this out, the reality of sexism bites back
and they are regarded as “bitches,” “whores,” and even shut down both on
social media and in public forums.  And after this interview ran, Curcio
received a substantial backlash of attacks, stating,  “That interview
stirred up some snide comments and some slander from men I had never met
—the worst misogynist stuff was moderated.”  The tautological nature of
sexism leaves women unable to speak for herself without being caste within
age-old frameworks for understanding her as nasty,  non-nurturing,
unnatural, and even man-hating.  And this translates quite seamlessly to
current political bodies and debates within the left today.

full - http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/08/04/the-lefts-abandon-of-females/

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