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Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 14:01:49 MDT 2016

If there was a figure I could give you--and there isn't--it would mean
absolutely nothing because the Greens are such a mess organizationally that
it makes the SDS look like the AMA.

People in the Ohio party talk about "members" in several ways.  We have
voters--104,000 in 2014--people who've registered and vote Green in
primaries--in the thousands, but not much--and then we have people who are
actually involved in making decisions--a cluster of almost entirely--but
not quite--white Boomers.  Simply put, this will change or the party will
die here.  And if it chooses not to change, it will have well earned its

In places, though, African American radicals have assumed leadership of the
party and its active composition reflects that (Georgia is a very
interesting state party in this regard).  One of the three Green parties in
St. Louis was predominantly black.  There were some elections that
indicated a significant number of voters were going Green at times.  I
think it was 2004 where the Greens got 1% of the vote but over 4% of the
Hispanic trade unionists.  Being something of a secret organization--not by
choice but by media exclusion--makes it difficult to get beyond a certain

Historically, black voters--like others who are generally taken for granted
to be Democrats--gravitate around such independent parties, to make a
point.  If you see that this is an option but don't have a point to make
because you're happy with a lesser evil, i don't know what can be said to
persuade you.  :-)

As to the Trump bullshit, we've heard the same thing about every Republican
since I've been watching the elections. But i've honestly not heard
anything from him that I haven't heard from his predecessors, particularly
Nixon.  Sometimes these Republicans win and it either turns out not to be
the Apocalypse or, if it is, most of the Democrats will be voting for it
right alongside the dumbest and meanest-spirited Republican.

Mark L.

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