[Marxism] Triangulating the 2016 campaign

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Fri Aug 5 17:05:46 MDT 2016

*As Trump self-destructs, judging from polling trends, and Hillary moves 
further right to capture Republican emigrants, the space opens for more 
voters on the left - who were are being in the usual lesser-evil tactic 
persuaded to support Hillary out of fear that Trump could win - to 
instead support Jill Stein, whose platform is in most respects identical 
to their caved-in hero, Bernie.*

*Hillary is obviously using **the Bernie mailing list**, to judge from 
the flood of pro-Hillary messages in my in-box in the last few days. **I 
don't know whether anyone on Jill's staff managed to get that list, but 
it would be pure gold for the cause, additionally since it would help 
provide funds for the Green Party to recruit more experienced, probably 
play-for-pay staff. **

*Jill Stein already appears to have had additions from Bernie's campaign 
added to her fund-raising staff, if the recent increased sophistication 
of that operation, and its similarity in its fund-raising approach to 
what I had received from Bernie's campaign, is any indication.*

*She is at the moment, beginning at noon EST today, in the midst of 
**what they **call**'The 24-Hour **Jillapalooza MONEY BOOM', seeking to 
show how much they can raise in a short, concentrated period.****

*While Jill may not have the gruff, grandfatherly bark of Bernie, she 
could catch on through her appealing combination of soft-spoken 
matter-of-factness and dedicated, radical, intelligence, a professional 
non-politician (part of Trump's appeal) who gets it and takes time to go 
all out, regardless of odds, using her talents for the cause with which 
millions identify.

*So, while it might be more plausible to assume that Trump's ongoing 
explosive implosion benefits Hillary, and as she also maneuvers to steer 
homeless Republican voters away from as well their other home in ***Gary 
Johnson's *Libertarian Party, it is important to recall that there is a 
46m strong mass of Bernie supporters out here, more young voters than 
Trump and Hillary combined had, and if they were to get off the Hillary 
wagon as she and her paymasters move right towards her natural, more 
comfortable base in the other major party, Jill Stein's Green Party 
campaign could be busily, frantically, handling the inflow of Sanders 
supporters to ***what could be their *'natural base'.

*It is to be hoped, and not ruled out, that such is the case, and that 
the goal would be transforming the campaign in its last 100 or so days 
into a full-on class-based contest.**Problem, of course, is that any 
contest on capital's designated turf is rigged, and the only gains that 
could be made would be through a movement which is 
'extra-parliamentary', organized and carried out within as well as 
outside the system.

*As to Blacks finding a home with Hillary, despite her dismissive, 
instrumental treatment of that captive base, Glen Ford of the Black 
Spectator seems to have it right, that so long as the white-paste racist 
Republican Party remains a chilling threat to Blacks they, meaning 
mainly older Blacks, with more to lose than younger Blacks, are left 
with no practical choice other than the Democrats; but that if the 
Republican Party were to split, Blacks are the natural constituency for 
a radical movement.

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