[Marxism] Triangulating the 2016 campaign

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 19:10:18 MDT 2016

On 8/5/2016 7:05 PM, Ralph Johansen via Marxism wrote:
> *As to Blacks finding a home with Hillary, despite her dismissive, 
> instrumental treatment of that captive base, Glen Ford of the Black 
> Spectator seems to have it right, that so long as the white-paste 
> racist Republican Party remains a chilling threat to Blacks they, 
> meaning mainly older Blacks, with more to lose than younger Blacks, 
> are left with no practical choice other than the Democrats; but that 
> if the Republican Party were to split, Blacks are the natural 
> constituency for a radical movement.

This is just as or more true of the Latino community, but it isn't just 
older Latinos, it is all of us and mosty of all the young adults.

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